Traveller Campaign

April 15th, 2012

The date is March 17th, 2237.

The voyage back to Neptune with the cargo hold full of scientists was a difficult one for the crew and temporary residents of the Dead Crow. The scientists, packed into the hold despite all safety regulations, had just gone through a titanic life event, and many of them had no place to go now. Tempers flared and arguments raged on about what they should all do next, what the next move should be for the scientific collective that had successful created artificial life.

The crew of the Dead Crow was equally at odds with what they believed their next move should be. Some thought that they should tell the world about what happened, some thought that they should leave it be and stay out of it. But all of them agreed that they needed a way to deal with the 88 scientists on board without having to turn themselves in as well.

After throwing around a myriad of ideas, including the not-so-favourable option of just putting the scientists in rescue bubbles and spacing them, the group decided to use Mirek’s connections to the European Federation to see if they could offload the scientists to a local passing cargo vessel. Upon returning to Neptunian space they rendezvous’d with freighter that had been doing an official supply and trading run with the outer colonies, and passed the scientists off to them, hoping that the European Federation would take care of them in exchange for their knowledge and abilities.

The crew of the Crow then decided that their next stop had to be Earth, to attempt to further unravel the mystery behind the two scientists that originally left the trans-neptunian collective’s base. The crew picked up a few supplies on Triton and then made their way for Earth.

On their way, the crew elected to stop at a trading station in the asteroid belt to offload some cargo and make a few credits. While the various members of the crew were out conducting personal business, a group of thugs started milling about outside of their ship. After listening in to their discussion and realizing they were aligned with the Space Bulls, and were there to confront the crew about their role in Al’Shaddur’s death, Ariel stepped out of the Crow to try to intimidate them. Her attempts at placating the thugs went extremely poorly, and Lo-Ren elected to fire a carefully aimed shot right through the neck of the leading thug from his vantage point at the top of the ship’s loading ramp. A decisive battle swiftly followed where Ariel and Lo-Ren executed the majority of the thugs while a few fled.

The station security immediately contacted the crew of the Crow and told them it was time to leave. Conflicts between local pirate gangs were inevitable in that area of space, but nonetheless when a conflict escalated into weapons fire all parties were immediately ejected from the station, and not welcome back.

The Crow loaded up what little supplies they had managed to procure before the fight and set off…

The date is now March 27th, 2237.



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