Traveller Campaign

August 12th, 2012

The date is April 7th, 2237.

Resting back at Marcus Claudio’s base of operations, it wasn’t long before another crisis appeared before the crew. One of Marcus’s operatives, Pall Olavson, arrived back from a mission… and not in good shape. Pall had been sent out at the same time as Marcus’s group, their target being a second base in the remote island chain of Franz Josef Land. But, just like Marcus’s mission, something had gone horribly wrong there. After infiltrating the compound, Pall’s team of insurgents (himself remaining in the getaway vehicle) had gone silent, and had since failed to report back. Deeming them lost, Pall returned to base to issue his report. As well, in the mean time, the northern base itself had failed to send out it’s monthly data packet of correspondence with the outside world. Clearly something there was different.

The crew decided that they had had enough of subterfuge and stealth, and that now was the time to unleash their full arsenal and storm the base. The remoteness of the location and the secrecy associated with the organization running it meant that they had no fear of law enforcement tangling with them, and they could just go in guns blazing. They planned a three pronged attack: Mirek and Lo-Ren would arrive secretly aboard a small pleasure craft, while Adrian and Armand would take the Crow and Marcus’s Helicopter and airdrop right into the middle of the base.

Armand was dropped, fully decked out in his Battle Dress, right on top of the compound. Before long three individuals exited the base and came out to meet him. The three demanded to know what he and his forces were doing here, and attempted to talk the enraged armour suit pilot into setting down his weapons and dealing with this peacefully. Although Armand refused, Adrian decided to give them the benefit of the doubt and agreed to go inside with the three. Meanwhie Lo-Ren and Mirek stealthily approached the base undetected.

Once Adrian and the three were far enough inside, Armand’s reticence to trust them proved to be correct. Guns were pointed at Adrian and he was instructed to put down his weapons and submit to imprisonment. Hearing this over their radio contact, Armand opened fire on the wall nearest Adrian, blowing a hole into the holding compound where hundreds of Chinese prisoners were being kept. A bloody battle began, and was soon joined by Mirek and Lo-Ren. After the destruction of many robots, and the revelation that the three individuals who had captured Adrian were in fact androids themselves, two large combat mechs made their appearance on the battlefield. Using his extensive explosives knowledge, Mirek quickly rigged up a trap to keep them down. Knowing that he was unlikely to survive the blast, Mirek prepared himself mentally for his own demise… but thanks to Lo-Ren’s clever but brutal strategy of burying himself and Mirek underneath a pile of still living Chinese prisoners, the two barely survived the blast. The mechs were utterly destroyed, and having had their forces obliterated, the three androids submitted to the crew.

The date is now April 9th, 2237.



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