Traveller Campaign

February 19th, 2012

The date is February 2nd, 2237.

With their ship finally completed and officially christened as The Dead Crow, the group decided it was time to test it’s merit on the spaceways. Using Ariel and Lo-Ren’s connections and intelligence about the asteroid belt the group located a route through the belt known to be ripe pickings for pirates. Disguising their ship’s sensor output as that of a heavily laden and defenceless freighter, the group began traversing the asteroid belt, hoping to bait some pirates into attacking them.

Sure enough it was long before a modified Type-S scout vessel arrived on the scene and demanded that the Dead Crow surrender their vessel and cargo. Waiting until the ship got in nice and close, the Dead Crow then popped their concealed turrets and opened fire on the smaller pirate vessel. With Lo-Ren on the pilot controls, Ariel and Armand both manning turrets, Adrian on damage control and Winston tending to the engineering section the Dead Crow had the pirate vessel vastly out gunned and outcrewed. Although the Crow suffered several small hits these were easily (albeit temporarily) repaired by Adrian. The enemy ship suffered far worse: an exceptionally powerful shot by Armand meant to cripple the enemy ship instead tore it right in half, killing all but one of the crew immediately and liquefying any cargo that might have been salvageable.

The Dead Crow’s crew managed to recover the only survivor of the blast, a junior pirate named Jatindra, who had managed to survive encased in a blast resistant safety bubble. They brought him aboard the Crow where they used their tried and true method of interrogation to find out where he had come from, and if riches were to be had there. Jatindra and his ship had been a new pirate crew from the Young Guns clan, who had been trying to prove themselves to the older pirates in the clan. They were operating out of a nearby, very small base built into the side of a tiny asteroid.

Extorting some specifics about the station and it’s armament out of Jatindra, the crew decided to take on the station in a full frontal assault, with the goal of claiming it as their own. A much harder battle took place, with the station launching two small ships like those the Crow had just destroyed, and also firing at the Crow with it’s long range Particle Beam and missile launchers. The Crow took several hits, most notably one that ripped apart the Crow’s fuel tanks, but the Crow dealt out far more punishment than it took, destroying one of the Type-S crafts and leaving the other floating with no manoeuvre drive. Seeing that it was outgunned, the station surrendered and allowed the crew to come aboard…

The date is now February 10th, 2237.



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