Traveller Campaign

June 17th, 2012

The date is April 3rd, 2237.

Only a scant few seconds after Adrian, Lo-Ren and Ariel dragged Marcus out of the room where the bloody battle took place, another disaster struck. Ariel began to shake and convulse, overcome by some sort of seizure or stroke. Not being strong enough or having enough time to drag both the injured Marcus and the now catatonic Ariel with them Lo-Ren and Adrian didn’t know what to do. But using Lo-Ren’s medical supplies and knowledge they managed to stabilize Marcus and shoot Ariel full of enough adrenaline that they could get both of them moving, although with substantial aid required.

Meanwhile, Armand and Mirek managed to score themselves the duty of sweeping through the rest of the compound to check for any more insurgents. They were saddled with two other security officers, but during the sweep they managed to convince them to split up, giving the two infiltrators and opportunity to meet up with the rest of their party in the parking garage.

The party arrived in the garage, but were immediately met with a problem: none of them had any ability to drive. With the building likely locked down by security forces and none of the group able to operate a car comfortably enough to not attract attention, they descended into a panicked argument about what their next move should be. Adrian was eventually (and reluctantly) talked into calling his brother Nathaniel for yet another favour. Giving Nathaniel no details aside from that they needed a pickup, Adrian arranged their escape.

Nathaniel arrived shortly later, but began to panic when he found that his passengers were heavily armed and very bloody. Through a mix of not very convincing logic and much more convincing intimidation the group managed to convince the well-meaning Nathaniel that they needed to get Marcus to a hospital immediately, and that he needed to take them there. Adrian, Lo-Ren, Marcus, Armand and Nathaniel piled into the small car, leaving Mirek and Ariel to fend for themselves without an escape.

At the exit of the parking garage a security detail stopped the car. Nathaniel’s and Adrian’s influence in the area gave them the ability to talk their way past the security forces, but Mirek and Ariel were not so lucky. Mirek hatched a cunning and rather suicidal plan, using his immense explosives knowledge and Ariel’s still woozy state as his tools. He strapped a substantial amount of explosives to Ariel and had her pose as a suicide bomber that had taken him hostage. The bluff got him past the security forces, and although he thought to demand their comms when he blew through, it would turn out later that the security agents had somehow managed to get word out that they had been subdued by the threat of a suicide bomber. Perhaps there were surveillance cameras or something.

Outside on the street Mirek bustled Ariel into a taxi cab, and informed the driver at gunpoint that he was to get them out of town. But it wasn’t long before the police began to converge on the cab; they had been watching the exchange with the guards from a distance and had tracked Mirek and Ariel as they entered the cab and sped off.

Back in the car with Nathaniel, the rest of the group had been informed of the situation with Mirek and Ariel and were trying to come up with a way to get him out. Marcus, who had regained enough consciousness to be lucid, informed them that the insurgents had a getaway plan before everything went to shit that they still might be able to use. The plan had been to take some hostages in the facility and then use the hostages to evacuate the insurgents and the prisoners they expected to find into a troop transport helicopter that would land outside the facility. The group decided to use the same ploy to rescue Mirek.

Mirek, now surrounded by police ground vehicles and an armed police helicopter, told the police that Ariel (who was still playing the part of the bomber) was willing to release her hostages and not detonate the bomb if the police backed up long enough for her to call in her escape. The police, already extremely busy with the break in at the facility, and critically understaffed for such an emergency, agreed. The getaway helicopter arrived on the scene (carrying the rest of the crew who had transferred aboard) and evacuated Mirek and Ariel (and the hapless cabbie) before the police were able to give pursuit.

Back at the safety of the insurgents base, which they had been led to by Marcus and the members of his team left aboard the helicopter, Marcus explained everything he knew about the facility and its operation: The facility they were in was one where they were doing human testing on the poor and homeless. From what they found out, it had been horrific: the process of transferral had some dire side effects. In order to get the best copy of the brain the process involved essentially destroying the brain. If you were less thorough on the brain scan then the digital copy was incomplete and had a ton of problems. But if you were as thorough as you needed to be then the person didn’t survive the process. The rich guys didn’t like this… they wanted the digital copy to be a backup for when they died. They weren’t prepared to essentially commit suicide to allow a robotic version of themselves to be born. So they were testing the process on the poor and homeless that they managed to abduct, tweaking and refining the process on them, and creating numerous lobotomised victims in the process, as well as human minds trapped in robot form against their will.

The group pondered the implications of such knowledge, but didn’t yet know where they stood…

The date is now April 4th, 2237.



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