Traveller Campaign

June 3rd, 2012

The date is April 2nd, 2237.

The crew woke the next day to a leisurely breakfast and stroll through town while they waited for their impending meeting with Augustus del Zotto. During the relaxing walkabout something caught Adrian’s eye… he thought he saw someone he recognized, but before he could place the individual they disappeared into the crowds.

Having been rejoined by their game-addicted colleague Ariel, the group settled down into a cafe to await Augustus’s meeting. He arrived with several security guards in tow, and after some short pleasantries Adrian handed over the contact details for Project 5’s scientists. The rest of their lunch meeting was cut short however, as Augustus received a call with some evidently bad news. Staring down his son with a look of perplexity, he ordered the group to stay where they were under the watch of two of his security guards while he dealt with the emergency.

After trying unsuccessfully to talk their security guard babysitters into leaving them alone, the guards received a call instructing them to let the group go. The guards vacated the cafe, but some deft recon by Lo-Ren revealed that they were still watching the group, but were observing from afar.

Adrian, Mirek and Armand elected to return to their hotel room and inquire if Nathaniel knew what was going on, which Lo-Ren and Ariel split off to sneak after one of the departing guards. Following the guard at a distance led the two sleuths to a service entrance door into one of the village’s hotels.

Lo-Ren and Ariel followed the guard down into the depths of what appeared to be an underground facility, eventually reaching an impasse when they hit a door leading into some sort of research lab. At this point gunshots started going off somewhere in the distance, and the trailed security guards began rounding up the scientists in the facility to evacuate them. Hiding in a washroom, Lo-Ren and Ariel were able to wait until the guards had cleared out the facility, and then explore unhindered.

Inside the lab the two investigators discovered a wealth of cybernetics technology, mostly focused around cranial and brain interface machinery. The centrepiece of the lab was a cadaver, opened up and having been being attended to by the researchers. Using his medicinal knowledge Lo-Ren determined that the cause of the man’s death had been complete brain failure – his brain had in fact been nearly liquefied. The man (who appeared in ill health to begin with) showed no signs of any damage to rest of his body, the only injury being his brain itself. On the man’s head were a wealth of cybernetic implants, showing that something had been done to his brain with the technology.

Continuing towards the sound of the firefight Lo-Ren and Ariel passed a bunch more labs, as well as a few rooms of note: what appeared to be a rehabilitation and physical therapy facility, and a storeroom with dozens upon dozens of servitor robots docked into wall charging stations.

Meanwhile on the surface, Mirek, Adrian and Armand had armed themselves and were on their way over to see what was happening in the hotel above the underground facility. Arriving onsite they found the whole town’s private security forces mobilizing for a sortie into the facility. Posing as representatives from one of the many security firms in the exclusive resort, they managed to attach themselves to a group that would be descending into the facility to deal with whatever emergency was occurring.

The two groups arrived at the scene of the firefight, but at different entrances. The armed group, under the direction of the facility’s security, began to engage to group that had evidently infiltrated the compound and was bunkered in one of the facility’s large rooms. The sleathy group huddled by a side door, waiting to see what they would do. The room the firefight was occuring in was set up like a morgue, or a cryo-storage facility. Several of the cabinets for storing bodies had been recently emptied in a hurry, and the infiltrators had stationed themselves on an overhead walkway firing down into the rest of room.

A violent battled ensued, in which several of the guards and many of the infiltrators were killed or subdued. However it was at this point that Adrian realized what was really going on: the infiltrators were his old friend Marcus Claudius and his team, who years ago along with Adrian had blown apart a conspiracy where rich technology industrialists had set up facilities to do human testing on the poor, homeless and other transients. Adrian rushed the overhead walkway, yelling that he knew Marcus Claudius, while Armand approached from the other side, mowing down the infiltrators in his path. Mirek Hruska showered both his masterful skill at killing and his utterly awful skill at healing by blowing up several infiltrators and failing to heal Jonathan, a guard that had fallen in the firefight.

With Lo-Ren and Ariel providing cover in the form of smoke grenades, Adrian and Armand managed to extricate the unconscious Marcus Claudius from the battle while the rest of the guards were distracted. Adrian disappeared along with Lo-Ren, Ariel and Marcus into the side entrance while Mirek and Armand rejoined the security forces to finish the battle…

The date is now April 3rd, 2237.



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