Traveller Campaign

March 11th, 2012

The date is February 16th, 2237.

Deciding to leave the wreckage of their conquest behind, the crew of the Dead Crow elected to complete some unfinished business. Ariel was still guarding the three pirate prisoners captured in the space station attack, and Mirek Hruska had a couple of pocket nukes to deliver to a client of his, Zurab Pavel.

After collecting Ariel and the captives from their holding area on Gupreet’s Gears, the crew set out towards a local trader station with enough of a law enforcement presence to accept their captives. The combined bounties of the two wanted men netted the group 110,00 credits, and they turned in their third captive to the police as well, informing them of his crimes. While docked here the crew enacted some repairs and refits to their ship.

Fuel Tank Repair to the Dead Crow (10,000 credits)
Hull Repair to the Holub (10,000 credits from Mirek Hruska’s account)
Refit of turrets (particle beam and sandcaster swapped)

The Crow and the Holub then dutifully continued on to space stations Space Hau5 where they were set to meet Mirek’s client and drop off the pocket nukes. Leaving Winston aboard the ship as usual the crew ventured out to do some shopping from the local villains; Armand managing to get himself a highly illegal military artillery weapon.

However before Mirek and his manservant could meet up with Zurab as planned, the station was rocked by a missile hit. Winston informed his crewmates that the station was under attack by an armada of heavily armed large pirate vessels. After some initial arguing the crew rushed back towards the hanger where the Crow was parked. As they passed through one of the station’s many hallways their progress was halted. The pirates had begun boarding the station, and one of their breaching tubes had unfortunately contacted right in the crew’s path. Several armed boarding marines spilled out.

A bloody battle ensued in which Lo-Ren singlehandedly faced down one of the pirate intruders while Mirek, Ariel and Adrian faced down the remaining three with combined attrition. Armand, who had been lagging behind the rest of the group due to trying to drag along his new purchase, had a fiercer foe to face. After initially firing a few shots at the aggressing boarding party, his attention was pulled towards a commotion behind him. Another breaching tube that had impacted somewhere far behind the group had dropped off a pirate wearing full battle dress armour, and fielding a flamethrower too large for any regular man to hold on his own. The battle dressed pirate bathed Armand in super heated chemicals, cooking him inside his combat armour and immediately winding him. But Armand’s excellent marksmanship and the power of his rifle managed to pierce the pirate’s armour, killing the man inside.

After gathering up a few of the invader’s dropped weapons, the crew hustled themselves to the hangar. Arriving at the Dead Crow, they find that the ship’s airlock had been opened, with signs of forced entry. The crew tried to sneak aboard, and failed miserably, but luckily no one alive was waiting for them inside. Accessing the ship’s camera logs, Lo-Ren discovered what had happened. Two boarding marines had entered the ship and began poking. As they tried to access the computers several consoles blew up in their face, showering them with sparks but not otherwise hurting them. One of the pirate marines went to investigate one of the crew’s staterooms, where he was apprehended and brutally bludgeoned to death by Mr. B. The other marine attempted to gain access to the bridge, but upon stepping into the door frame the door suddenly and violently closed, repeatedly crushing the marine in the doorjam.

The crew rushed down to the space van to find what had happened to Winston, who had not been replying to their comms since the pirates started boarding the station. They found Winston unconscious at the controls of the space van, having been knocked out by one of the blasts that hit the station. He had hit his head on the console prior to the boarding actions, and didn’t know anything that had happened since then.

The Dead Crow and the Holub launched from the hangar, and managed to successfully evade the pirate fighters that were scrambled to chase them down. Being unable to identify which pirate clan had attacked the station, and why, the group elected to finally pay a visit to Al’Shaddur. Contacting the pirate baron, they were told to rendezvous on a small asteroid where Al’Shaddur’s flagship and several other pirate vessels were landed and concealed. After linking up the Dead Crow’s airlock to the flagship’s and being admitted on board (sans any weaponry or heavy armour of course), the crew proceeded to Al’Shaddur’s throne room…

The date is now February 21st, 2237.



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