Traveller Campaign

March 4th, 2012

The date is February 10th, 2237.

After docking with the pirate station the group rounded up the crew that had remained aboard the station: Vishal Devdas and his brother Duleep. Checking the local bounty boards revealed that Vishal had a bounty of 80,000 on his head, so the group decided to do what they do best and attempt to extort as much money out of the hapless pirate as they could before turning him in for the bounty. Promising him his freedom if he emptied his savings account, Adrian managed to get 170,000 credits out of him before locking him and his brother up in the Dead Crow with their other prisoner, Jitendra.

Meanwhile, Armand took to exploring the station, where he came across a sealed room. Hacking the door open revealed two prisoners who had been kept inside: Mirek Hruska and his manservant. Although Armand was initially distrustful of Hruska and planned to deal with him like he dealt with all his other captives, Lo-Ren soon arrived on the scene to vouch for him. It turns out Lo-Ren and Hruska knew each other from their time as pirates, and Lo-Ren assured the group that Hruska was to be trusted, and could be an asset to their team.

However, before the team could go anywhere they had a few problems to attend to. During the battle for the space station the Dead Crow had taken a few hits, and while several of them just mildly damaged the systems (sensors and maneuverability being reduced), a few hits had unluckily connected with the ship’s fuel tanks. Battlefield repairs by Adrian had allowed the ship to limp to the dock with the station, but before long the fuel tanks had fallen apart completely, and the Dead Crow was left without it’s lifeblood. However, the space van still had a perfectly intact (although very undersized) fuel tank, so the group set to work pulling the tanks out of the van and installing them in the Dead Crow. This would allow them just enough fuel to limp to a nearby starbase with proper repair facilities.

Taking 30 tons of uncommon ore from the space station’s cargo bay and deciding to leave the manuever drive deprived pirate vessel still floating outside the station, the crew set off to nearby trader station Gupreet’s Gears, with Mirek Hruska along riding in his small two person fighter which had been left parked in the space station’s hangar after his capture by the pirates. On the station the crew repaired their ship, entailing the following bill:

Fuel Tank repair and refit (32,000 credits)
1 month of fuel (8,000 credits)
Sensor repair (6,000 credits)
Maneuver Drive Repair (18,000 credits)

After leaving the prisoners aboard the station with Ariel to babysit them, the group then returned to the site of their conquest to deal with the floating ship that they had left there. However they had the bad luck to arrive just as the poor ship’s distress call was finally being answered: another pirate vessel, comparable in size to the Dead Crow, was arriving. After a failed attempt at talking down the opposing vessel, the Crow and the pirates engaged. Mirek Hruska and Armand flew in close to the vessel in Mirek’s fighter, and the pirate vessel launched a small fighter of their own. But despite the relatively equal sizes of the opposing fleets, the pirates were still outgunned by the impressive armament of the Dead Crow. The enemy fighter was utterly destroyed, and the larger pirate vessel reduced to a floating husk of a ship, few systems intact.

Hoping to board the ship and take as much of it as they could for their own, the crew attempted to coerce the enemy vessel into surrender. But these pirates were not afraid to die; they refused to go nicely. After the ship jettisoned most of their crew away in escape pods, the Dead Crow used it’s breaching tube to traumatically inseminate the enemy vessel through it’s bridge. Armand, Adrian and Mirek boarded the vessel to salvage what they could. But when they arrived they were confronted with the one crew members who had remained on board… and one who was very prepared to die defending his ship. The pirate had strapped a number of explosive to himself, and was holding a dead man’s switch. He ordered the invaders off of his ship, and while Adrian and Mirek immediately fled back out of the breaching tube, Armand decided to face down the pirate suicide bomber and persuade him to stand down. Uttering one of the absolute worst speeches of his life, Armand only succeeding in persuading the pirate to detonate himself.

Luckily for Armand the pirate had hastily prepared his explosives, so the blast failed to get past Armand’s heavily fortified armour. However the blast inside an already broken ship was the final death blow to the vessel. The structure collapsed and the breaching tube separated from the hull, sucking Adrian and Hruska out of the tube and into the vacuum of space, along with the nearly exploded Armand. All the crew had been wise enough to wear their Vac Suits, so Mr. B was able to collect the free floating crew members and return them to the Dead Crow’s airlock, although without the booty they had set out for…

The date is now February 16th, 2237.



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