Traveller Campaign

May 27th, 2012

The date is March 27th, 2237.

The crew of the Dead Crow continued on their way to Earth to investigate the mysterious connection between Adrian’s father, Augustus Del Zotto, and the two scientists who had fled from the trans-neptunian science base with their research data. Upon arriving in Earth orbit Adrian decided that the best course of action would be to contact his brother Nathaniel and set up a meeting with his surely very busy father. Nathaniel happily agreed, and set up a rendezvous for the family in the Swiss ski resort of Dammastock, where Augustus was engaged entertaining potential clients.

Winston decided to leave the rest of the crew to their investigations, as he had set up a very important meeting with someone on Earth, so he took the space van and went his own way, planning to meet up with the crew later. During the long trip from the outer solar system back to Earth Ariel had been tormented by boredom and so had gotten addicted to a popular video game. While the rest of the crew descended to Earth for adventure, Ariel elected to remain in a gaming cafe in Earth orbit and check her auction house bids.

Bypassing customs due to Nathaniel’s influence (and thankfully so for Miruk, who was smuggling several tons of illegal luxuries) the Dead Crow set down in the town of Goschenen, the nearest port to Dammastock. Meeting Nathaniel there they then took a shuttle to the ski resort, Adrien’s three companions posing as his private security detail. In Dammastock Nathaniel settled them into a room as they awaited their dinner date with Augustus.

Later that evening the four present crew members went to meet with Augustus; Adrien and Nathaniel sat at a table with Augustus himself while the three fake security agents sat nearby, but in constant audio contact.

Over the course of the evening Adrien managed to pull a great number of details out of Augustus. Upon mentioning the goings on in the outer solar system with the emergent AI, Augustus was excited to reveal that for a long time him and his associates had been petitioning for a repeal on the laws prohibition AI creation, and that this new development was a great help for their case. He spoke about how he believed that AI would bring about the singularity, and elevate humanity to a new level of power and immortality.

Seeing that his father was deeply invested in these issues, Adrian made the difficult decision to tell his father about the Dead Crow’s involvement in the Project 5 incident. Augustus was ecstatic that his previously disgraced son might be able to get him in contact with the involved scientists. The meeting dispersed, with Augustus telling Adrian to gather what details he could to present to him tomorrow.

The date is now April 2nd, 2237.



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