Fat, Indian Khan of the pirate clan, the Space-Bulls (deceased)


Ariel (PC)

Armand Broeker (PC)

Al’Shaddur, the Khan of the Space-Bulls is generally well-meaning (for a pirate) who runs most of the crime in the asteroid belt. He has dealt well with the pressure from Mars after the war.


Al’Shaddur inherited the Space-Bull empire from his father, The Gold-Mane, after his father’s untimely death at the hand of a competing war-clan.

Now under the title “Khan” of the Space-Bulls, he leads the largest pirate clan in the Asteroid Belt, peddling mostly meds, narcotics, and uncommon space-ore. Under his rule, the clan saw a surge in membership, notoriety, and trade.

The Martian revolution was a great cover for trade. The Space-Bulls weren’t being inspected while troops were dropping from orbit, and the Irish Guns could sell their technology to both sides of the conflict in the fog of war.

However, after the war ended is when politics tensed. A well-respected diplomat with a great deal of pull began an investigation into Al’Shaddur’s involvement in the Martian Revolution.

An androgynous martian Ariel served the Khan as adviser, and hit-man when other subordinates would make a mess of things.

Seeing a great deal of possibility with his hit-man, Al’Shaddur sent Ariel and a floater-pirate, Lo-Ren, on a covert mission to drop the charges against him, concerning the Martian Revolution.

Morey was the other most loyal servant, who indirectly managed the movement of the Irish Guns, and was known for his especially cruel torture methods. Posions, and gasses, especially. A defect from the European union, he still hadn’t lost his thick London accent.

After Morey’s death at the hands of an outsider, Armand Broeker, Al’Shaddur was enraged – his most cruel henchman was dead. Al’Shaddur sent Ariel to dispatch the insurgent. Ariel reported back with success and in a couple weeks time, left the Khan on good terms.

Now, serving directly under the Khan are:

  • Kuwudat, a vengeful killer who prefers the use of scimitars and katars, hailing from the Chinese confederation
  • Eames, a natural with explosives who manages the Irish Guns for the Khan. He originally was a subordinate to Morey and could be privy to the events that transpired about his death.
  • Wakota, a Samoan descendant from Earth, who might have a cannibalism problem
  • Astrid Spectre, a ex-marine infiltrator who manages all the transmissions and technology through the asteroid belt.

Was killed by Banker Ramrod during the hijacking of his flagship by the rogue AI on February 21st, 2237.


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