A cruel subordinate to the Khan Al'Shaddur - torturer and hit-man (deceased)


After growing up in the Eurpean slums on Earth, a child of abusive parents, he made his way to the asteroid belt where he found he could exact wicked violence on all who the Khan of the Space-Bulls see fit.

His cruel methods were best used on children, weak women – those who couldn’t fight back. Eventually he met his match by Armand Broeker, who didn’t want to be tortured. Morey was thrown asunder and the Khan was put-off by this act.

Al’Shaddur assigned the vengeance kill to Ariel, who instead aided in the escape of Armand. They each had their reasons: Ariel hated Morey, and might need some brawn in the future; and Armand didn’t want to die from the vacuum.

A common method of disposing of persons among the asteroid pirates is to fit magnetic, immovable boots onto the victim, pressurize a room with two atmospheres, then release all the contents into space, usually ripping the body in half.

If they can spend the money, a victim will be latched to an asteroid that will be pushed into stardust, which will disintigrate the rock and its passenger.


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