Nathan Smith

Preeminent Uranian Physician (Winston's Estranged Brother)


Nathan is the Second son of Earl and Martha Smith. The Smith’s privately considered the birth of their first son (Winston) a failure after the ambitious gene selection and artificial birth resulted in a crippled physique. Nathan was birthed more conventionally, undergoing only the most accepted Uranian gene modification. Nathan excelled in academics like his older brother, but never developed Winston’s frailties.

Nathan attended the best Uranian schools and followed his parents into the field of life science. His success at academics, and the influence of his parents, paved the way for a careers as a successful physician. Recently, Nathan has gained some minor fame for saving a celebrity from death by means of an experimental medical procedure. Earl and Martha, now long retired, take great pride at the achievements of their second son, and look to him to restore the family name after it was destroyed by the Mind Sweep Scandal on earth.


Nathan Smith

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