Party Assets

For future drug ship rentals


Liquid Assets
491,130 credits


8 tons of Advanced Electronics

Advanced Arm

Level 2 Combat Reflexes (100,000 cr)
Gun Combat (Laser Rifle) (5000 cr)
Combat Range Finder Eye (12,500 cr)
Aggression Chip (10,000 cr)
Memory Implant (5000 cr)
Mood chip (Brutally honest) (5000 cr)


Adventure on January 22nd:

Berthing costs: 2000 cr
Hotel costs: 500 cr
Car rental: 200 cr
Truck rental: 400 cr (It’s a TL 7 Armoured Van from the Civilian Vehicles book)
Surveillance Equipment (Audio/Video Bug): 400 cr
Forgery Kit: 1000 cr


Level 2 Awareness Heightener (20,000 cr)
Heavy Weapons Integration (75,000 cr)
4x Mood Chips (5000 cr each for a total of 20,000 cr)
-Amorous and Seductive x2
-Brutally Honest x1
-Single minded and ambitious
x2 Memory Implant (5000 each for a total of 10,000)
x2 Skill Enhancement (5000 each for a total of 10,000)
-Gun Combat (Laser Rifles) x1
-Gun Combat (Heavy Weapons)

Party Assets

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