The Assailant

A high tech menagerie of lethal pistol wizardry

weapon (ranged)

Very Heavy Autopistol (14mm)
Damage: 4d6-1, 4d6-5 (with silencer)
To Hit: +4 DM and decreases DM granted by cover by -4, (HUD 2, Computer 1, X-ray 1)

Mag: 15
Recoil: 2
Cost: 6375cr
Weight: 3.0kg

Other effects: jams the scanners of any attempts to detect its presence and the presence of all other items the character is holding (illegal trait).

Has a %91.7 chance to hit an opponent at Close or Short range.
Has a %99.6 chance to sustain lethal damage on hit.

Ammo cost: 20cr/bullet ( 300cr/15, 140cr/7)
1680cr/14 HE


Decrypted using SHA256, stored in Regent-Ore’s merc’s database of illicit activity

Transmission date: 20, Mar 2035:
From: -.—-.—-.—-:——
To: -.—-.—-.—-:——
Subject: Armaments

Hi Black,

The equipment is completed. I had some boys rig it with the most sophisticated do-dads you requested. This will going past any sensors suits can get their hands on.

The Assailant

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