Traveller Campaign

Sunday, February 12th, 2012

The date is January 25th, 2237.

Having placed an order for the manufacture and outfitting of their as yet unnamed ship, the group settled into the dingy spaceport of Jong’s Landing to wait. However their rest was shortlived as Al’Shaddur, long time ally of Ariel, contacted her with a special request. Al’Shaddur’s pirate organisation, The Space Bulls, kept a hangar and warehouse nearby where they stored illegally acquired goods before selling them off to the local populace. However a couple days ago communication between the Space Bulls and this warehouse had gone dark. Having no other operatives in the area save those at the warehouse Al’Shaddur reached out to Ariel to investigate and report back.

Winston sent in Little Valkyrie to scout out the area, and found it rather quiet, although guarded by a deadly looking laser turret. Deciding that they were well equipped enough to risk a full on frontal assault, Armand suited up and rushed the turret, Adrian close behind and Lo-Ren and Ariel trailing. Winston’s robot Mr. B, with his superior speed, elected to rush the door beneath to turret and attempt to override the controls, while Little Valkyrie buzzed around in front of the turret’s tracking camera to distract and obscure it. Although he took a powerful blast from the turret Armand’s military grade combat armour held him together, and a well placed grenade launcher shot easily disabled the turret.

Their first obstacle overcome, the group went about trying to gain access to the facility. After connecting through Mr. B to the door’s computer systems in an attempt to override the electronic locks(and being unsuccessful), Winston used his electronics knowledges to simply force the door open mechanically. Being nearly knocked off their feet by the sudden change of pressure, the group realized that the interior of the hangar had been depressurized to a vaccuum. Being of the robotic persuasion, and thus not requiring air, Mr. B went in alone to investigate.

The inside of the hangar was populated only by robots. Three large cargo moving robots and several servitor droids were present, all in a dormant state. But as Mr. B trundled around the hangar the servitor droids began to boot up, and then follow Mr. B with strange devices in their hands. Being much faster than a servitor, Mr. B managed to easily outrun them and conceal himself inside a Half-Track ATV Truck. Mr. B’s bloodrage then kicked in, as he rammed the truck straight through the front door of the hangar, allowing the outside Martian air to rush in.

The group rushed into the hangar. Upon seeing organic beings, the robots immediately booted up and became aggressive. Several servitor droids, modified to be wielding implanted pistols, and three large cargo robots began to attack the group. A fierce battle ensued with the group firing their myriad of weapons at the advancing mechanoids. Mr. B, still inside the half-track truck, drove wildly around the hangar colliding with everything that he could manage and scattering droid bits everywhere. Armand, wielding a powerful grenade launcher, targeted the large robots, while Lo-Ren and Ariel focused more on taking out the servitors. Adrian, being overcome with either bravery or stupidity, elected to draw his mono-filament blade and engage one of the cargo robots in melee. Despite blinding the cargo bot, the robots titanic strength and huge size allowed him to land a crippling blow on Adrian, shattering many bones. Armand, seeing that Adrian was in imminent danger of death, elected to fire a shot at the cargo robot and finish it off. However, due to exceptionally bad aim, the shot took Adrian right in the back, rendering him unconscious. Manoeuvring themselves around Adrian’s bloody body, the group finished off the rest of the robots.

Lo-Ren rushed over and attempted first aid on Adrian, but his injuries were so severe that Lo-Ren only managed to stabilize him and return him to consciousness, not heal any of his wounds. Adrian stumbled back to the space van to join Winston while the rest of the group explored the rest of the facility. Mr. B tried to access the memories of the broken robots, but only discovered that they had come under the control of an outside force a few days ago. Coming across several more rogue robots (that were easily dispatched), the group found the base’s control room. The computers had been smashed to pieces, evidently by one of the base’s human crew. Being puzzled by the mystery, the group continued their search of the facility.

They eventually found a single survivor barricaded in the kitchen, wearing a full hazard suit in order to stave off the vacuum. Seeing that the group were in the employ of his patron, Al’Shaddur, the survivor (Jaan Kristjan) revealed the events of the past few days. The base had taken in some cargo that had been pirated from a freighter inbound from somewhere past Neptune. In amongst the cargo had been a datadisk, destined to be delivered somewhere. Thinking that they might be able to sell whatever valuable information the datadisk contained the crew of the base elected to search it. But upon inserting it onto one of their computers something very powerful and very sinister on the disk immediately took control of their entire computer network. Since the droids were networked into the mainframe whatever was on the disk took control of them too. The virus drained the air from the facility and tried to execute the human crew, leaving only one survivor who had barricaded himself away with several days’ supply of oxygen.

The computers having been thoroughly destroyed, the group wasn’t able to find the intact datadisk in question, so they left and returned to Jong’s Landing, Jaan in tow. Adrian messaged Al’Shaddur to inform him of all that had occurred. Al’Shaddur vowed to investigate what had happened, and paid the group a generous 100,000 credits as well as allowing them to loot the ruined facility of whatever cargo was left there to do with what they would.

After resting and recovering the injuries for a few days, and a harrowing argument between Ariel and Adrian, the crew went to collect their ship…

The date is now February 2nd, 2237.



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