Traveller Campaign

Sunday, January 15th, 2012

The date is January 15th, 2237.

Aboard the space station Tiankong, a station in Mars orbit and connected to the surface of Mars by a massive space elevator, five individuals met in a chance encounter. Adrian Del Zotto, Ariel, Armand Broeker, Lo-Ren, and Winston Smith ran into each other, their individual paths across the solar system having brought them to same station. An uneasy alliance was formed, as they discovered that each of their unique and varied skills could benefit the group as a whole.

While idling in Tiankong’s market district, a youth ran by, evidently fleeing from the police. He sneakily deposited a data chip into Ariel’s pocket as he passed the group. Using Winston’s computer skills the group was able to decrypt it’s contents: a short message informing the intended recipient of the chip to meet him at a bar in Tiankong’s poorest district called the Sui Tong Tavern.

Deciding that a possible opportunity had just been dropped into their laps, the group decided to investigate this meeting. On their way to the tavern they encountered trouble in the form of four drunken youths, wanting to pick a fight with any foreigners who wandered into their section of the station. A brawl ensued where one of the youths was stunned, another was left unconscious and bleeding out, and the remaining two decided to throw down their weapons and surrender. The group dropped a smoke grenade and disappeared into the crowd in the confusion.

Upon reaching the Shui Tong Tavern Ariel and Adrian confronted the man (who they later discovered was named Yu Shi) who was waiting for his meeting. They discovered that he was not waiting to see them, but was instead supposed to be meeting Wu Wen, the on-the-run criminal who had dropped the data chip in Ariel’s pocket. Through some sneaky deception and intimidation they managed to convince Yu Shi that Wu Wen had sent them in his place, and got him to turn over the info that he had promised Wu Wen. The group received the name and number of a cargo container on a nearby, separate space station. They also promised Yu Shi that Wu Wen would contact him after the pick up was made to give him his money. They also discovered a few details about Wu Wen, such as that he was a known drug importer.

Confused as to how to proceed next, Ariel spearheaded a reconnaissance mission to discover more about Wu Wen. However she became horribly sidetracked and found herself in a meeting (bringing Armand as muscle) with drug kingpin Rong Ru. They promised Rong Ru two freighters work of super-meth from Neptune and gained a tentative contact in the form of one of Tiankong’s most powerful drug lords. They also discovered that Wu Wen was known to work with Chiang Kong, a rival drug lord to Rong Ru.

Refocusing their efforts, the group finally managed to track down Wu Wen. They discovered that the reason that he had dropped the data chip on Ariel was because he was being chased by the authorities and needed to ditch any evidence he had one him somewhere that he could later retrieve it. His plan was that if he succeeded in evading the police then he could use his underworld contacts to track down the individual he’d dropped the evidence on and reclaim it. However he was obviously in over his head, and the group proceeded to convince him to go to a quiet place where they hatched a plan to extort him out of his illegal property.

Getting Wu Wen hideously drunk, the group smuggled him aboard Winston’s space van and set off for Cargo Station 7, where they suspected a shipment of illegal drugs was waiting for them. Through threats of brutal violence they convinced Wu Wen to open the cargo bay for them and had him tell his two guards that were waiting inside to stand down.

At this point the group was a bit confused as to how they should proceed with offloading their windfall. As they discussed possible options Armand and Ariel decided to take matters into their own hands: they brutally executed the two guards that Wu Wen had had waiting in the cargo bay. They then hinted to Wu Wen that Bun Fu, yet another of Tiankong stations drug kingpins, was responsible for this fiasco, hoping to incite some sort of stationwide gang war. Leaving Wu Wen tied up and with no communications equipment to call for a rescue, the group returned to Tiankong station and informed Rong Ru’s underling, Yong Zan, that they had a shipment of drugs waiting for him to pick up. Rong Ru’s men went to collect the shipment and found Wu Wen there, but since Rong Ru had had previous business dealing with Wu Wen go sour he appreciated the gift of a humiliated prisoner. The group was paid 300,000 credits, the base trade value for the three tons of super-meth.

Throughout all of this, Mr. B was intimidating as fuck.

The date is now January 17th, 2237.



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